Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change if you really care...

I still miss you...But not like I did before.The intense aching I felt,Isn't there anymore.

I still whisper your name...Not as often as I used to.Now it may be once,Before the day is through.

I still hear your voice...Replaying in my mind.But it's fading now,Soon silence I will find.

I still long for you...To feel your touch.But it's not like before,I don't dream it as much.

I still think about you...And wonder how you are.But my feelings have changed,And they don't go as far.

I still feel you sometimes...Maybe you're thinking of me?Or maybe it's just a little memory,Of how it used to be.

I still love you...But it's just not as strong.Because I'm letting you go now,So we can both move on.

I still hear you say...No one will love me like you do.That's so hard to believe now,After the hurt you put me through.

You still have a piece of my heart..Because I always felt you here.Now, I'm hoping and praying,That, that too, will quickly disappear.

This will be my last goodbye..I've nothing else to say.Everything I felt for you,Can now just fade away.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tak sangka... ! Jgn berkasar dengan org ..

Bila org berbudi, kita berbahasa
Bila org bersopan, kita perlu bersantun

Tapi inikan dibulan Ramadhan..
Jika org cakap elok-elok,
Cakap sopan-sopan,
Sedangkan tiada pun berkasar..
Jgnla kta cakap kasar...

Tadi sangat mengejutkan...
Sgt kasar bahasanya..
adakah dia menunjukkan dirinya yg sebenar?
dahulu xde pon ckp camni..
betul cakap org, dlu ckp lemah lembut, sampai duduk sebelah pon kdg2 x dengar..
sekarang, duduk sebatu pon boleh dgr..
kalau x suka, jgn la kasar sgt..

main point : jgn berkasar dengan org...
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